Pilots and musicians,

I have some very exciting news. Saturday, October 11, which also happened to be the day of my¬†school’s homecoming dance, I performed my first solo flight! I was
anticipating a routine hour or so of further perfecting my landings,
but after a few very solid ones, my instructor asked me if I
would like to do the next one by myself. I didn’t understand what he
meant at first, but after figuring it out and contemplating the idea
on my downwind leg, I decided to give it a go. I hesitated at first
because of the unexpected nature of the proposition, but the conditions were
good and I knew I was ready. It was an incredible feeling. On my first landing, I was substantially high on final. I utilized a forward slip and managed to lose enough altitude to bring the Archer in for a decent landing. My second and third landings were both good, though my next goal is to land shorter. I’ve included a video of the event. I want to thank everyone at FMA for your help and words of encouragement. I am honored to be part of such an amazing group of people!


Drew Medina