Pilots and musicians,

I have some very exciting news. Saturday, October 11, which also happened to be the day of my school’s homecoming dance, I performed my first solo flight! I was
anticipating a routine hour or so of further perfecting my landings,
but after a few very solid ones, my instructor asked me if I
would like to do the next one by myself. I didn’t understand what he
meant at first, but after figuring it out and contemplating the idea
on my downwind leg, I decided to give it a go. I hesitated at first
because of the unexpected nature of the proposition, but the conditions were
good and I knew I was ready. It was an incredible feeling. On my first landing, I was substantially high on final. I utilized a forward slip and managed to lose enough altitude to bring the Archer in for a decent landing. My second and third landings were both good, though my next goal is to land shorter. I’ve included a video of the event. I want to thank everyone at FMA for your help and words of encouragement. I am honored to be part of such an amazing group of people!


Drew Medina

8 thoughts on “BIG NEWS”

  1. Yahoo! Congratulations sir, well done! Such an amazing accomplishment for anyone, but especially for someone your age. You are an example for many…

  2. Congratulations! I remember my first solo like it was yesterday, I didn’t think I could feel more exhilaration than at that moment until the day I passed my checkride. THAT was probably one of the best days of my life. Keep practicing & you’ll get there soon. Wishing you all the best & happy flying! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Drew! Your passion, drive & hard work will allow you to realize your goal of getting your license by the end of this school year. Sounds like you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. We look forward to watching your progress & wish you nothing but the best! – Aviators Hot Line

  4. this is super huge !!!! . CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep focused on the rest of your training . An instrument rating will be really nice . What instrument do you play?

  5. WAY TO GO DREW! Excellent news! You are an excellent example for future pilot musicians to follow! You’ll remember this day forever! Congratulations from all FMA members! Keep us posted on the rest of your training. And hey, did you play at the dance?

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