Excited for next marching season and to begin lessons!


It has been awhile since I have last talked to you all, so let me catch you up on everything that has happened.

On May 15, I and the Tullahoma Band performed our second annual “Pops Concert.” The concert consisted of popular marches and one very recognizable piece that us band nerds can truly appreciate. Undeniably, the crowd favorite was “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And as a horn player, it was my favorite too. After our concert, the band immediately shifted to preparing for the fall marching season. This consisted of cleaning the dust off of marching horns, and selecting individuals to be apart of “Leadership.” The Tullahoma Band has a unique leadership system which starts with acting as a role model and spans to teaching and instructing your section (instrument family). This gives the upperclassmen a majority of the responsibility for teaching and instructing the band’s new members, and gives the underclassmen the chance to learn, observe, and help the band in any way possible. This year I have the amazing opportunity to be both the band’s main Field Commander and Band Captain. As Band Captain, I am excited to start the next marching season, and working with all the band’s members.

I have recently talked to my flight instructor, Chris Pickerell, and I will begin flight lessons soon!

2 thoughts on “Excited for next marching season and to begin lessons!”

  1. Hello Sarah!

    Keep up the excellent work, and congrats on your leadership role. With your help and ideas, you will definitely inspire your bandmates, and create very positive practice and performance environments.

    Also, looking forward to reading more with regards to your flying – enjoy every minute of it!

    Mike Manny
    Flying Musicians Association
    Founding Member & Canadian Ambassador
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  2. You are an inspiration to so many others. Congratulations on being selected Band Captain! I look forward to reading, seeing, and hearing about your journey. There are nearly 500 Flying Musicians rooting for you.

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