Busy Fall Break

This year, I did not get a Fall Break. Last week, the Beechcraft Heritage Museum hosted its annual Beech Party Fly-In here at the Tullahoma Regional Airport. It was amazing! As a lineman at Tullahoma Airport, I was able to fuel and interact with many different types of planes and pilots from across the country. Some of my favorite planes that came in were the Staggerwings, B-18, and the Starship 2000.

The week before, The Tullahoma High School Band marched in the Oneonta Covered Bridge Marching Contest. My band was given the highest marks in categories such as color guard, percussion, band, and my favorite, Field Commander. The band also took home best field commander and band at the competition. I could not be more proud of my band’s performance; it was an amazing way to finish the 2016 marching season and my marching experience with the band. img_9637img_9696img_9693img_9710


2 thoughts on “Busy Fall Break”

  1. Congratulations on your success in the Marching Contest. Great to hear of your progress in both music & aviation, hope to meet you one of these days & of course fly with you! All the best from a fellow female musician/pilot ???????? ????

  2. Sarah:

    It’s very gratifying to see your blog entry . . . we are proud of you and are eager to follow your progress is aviation and music. Who knows? One day we might fly together or play some music . . . ya’ never know! Continued good luck . . .

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