Nashville Jazz Workshop & Help Needed

This week I switched gears from flying to playing. I’m playing bari sax at the NJW Jazz Camp at Vanderbilt Blair School of Music. We are learning about different jazz forms and chord structures and learning several new head charts, which we will perform Friday night. I also made contact with with Blake Tumbleson at Murfreesboro Aviation to thank him for their support of FMA and the generous donation of flight training time.  I plan to start next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

Also, Aaron, William, Courtney and I have decided to come up with a song we can all learn and record via YouTube and in person if we have a chance to meet in person one day.  We welcome any suggestions for violin or electric violin, clarinet, sax, and guitar or trumpet.





One thought on “Nashville Jazz Workshop & Help Needed”

  1. Such awesome opportunities! Super happy you are experiencing the Jazz workshop and that you all are working together.

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