Fourth Lesson

After beginning to recover, I felt well enough to fly at the end of the week. I was still feeling a little bit under the weather, but I felt as though I could handle it, and I had the added security of having a CFI in the right seat, so I was all good to fly.

We started with some ground instruction, going over all of the different climb rates and some navigation and communication procedures.

When we got up into the air, we practiced the climb rates that we had previously discussed, with an emphasis on memorizing the sight pictures. My instructor really emphasizes not relying on the instruments to fly, which is certainly different from how I first learned when I actually could not see over the instrument panel.

When we entered the pattern, we had a twin Cessna behind us, so we had to do a tight pattern, as we were in a light sport aircraft traveling much slower than the Cessna. Even so, we just got clear of the runway in time.

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