Back in the Air, Back to School, and College Applications!

I was back in the air on Monday at Murfreesboro Aviation!  My instructor, Tanner Quigley, and I flew from MBT to SYI (Shelbyville), where I practiced touch & go’s.  It’s really cool to fly over all the places you drive on a daily basis.  I’ve learned a lot about driving in Murfreesboro just by flying over it and better understanding the layout of the city and the major landmarks. I also completed the IACRA registration so I can get my student pilot certificate.  I have another lesson today at 1:00 p.m. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am also back in school – 2 schools in fact!  On Friday, I started my Senior year of High School at Eagleville.  I’m taking 2 classes at EHS: choir and band.  The rest of my courses will be at Middle Tennessee State University where I am a dual enrollment college student.  At MTSU, I’m taking Calculus, English, and Intro to Aerospace.

It’s also time to apply to college!  I’ve been working on my applications and college essays. I’m looking at aerospace engineering programs at the University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, University of Alabama Huntsville, Georgia Tech, and University of Colorado Boulder.

With marching band, mid-state choir auditions, high school courses, colleges courses, ACT prep, flying lessons, and college applications, I have a very busy fall ahead!


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