A beautiful day to fly!

Yesterday, I was up again with my instructor Tanner Quigley with Murfreesboro Aviation.  After pre-flight and takeoff, we worked on different in-air maneuvers, including near landings and rapid pull-ups at Puckett Field, which is a glider field near my grandfather’s farm.  Here are photos of our takeoff from MBT.  I’m scheduled for another lesson on Monday.  Stay tuned.

I haven’t done so in a while, but I want to thank all of the FMASolo sponsors for creating this opportunity for me and the other scholarship recipients.  Sponsors like the FMA, Bose, Aviators HotLine, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, MyGoFlight, Gleim, Banjo Ben Clark, Trade-A-Plane, GlobalAir.com, 121five.com, Murfreesboro Aviation, Quality Aviation Services, and AVSport of Lock Haven, have helped us pursue our goals of learning to fly!

One thought on “A beautiful day to fly!”

  1. Sounds Fun Man! Keep up the hard work! And I second that gratitude for all the sponsors! I’m sure you could vouch too that this scholarship helps A TON!!!!

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