Ground school today

Back at Murfreesboro Aviation today for ground school training with Tanner Quigley.  It was great to be back after a break for band camp and a summer class at MTSU.

Today, we covered weight and balance, center of gravity, different engine types, and engine components. I found the different fuel delivery systems very interesting.  My next scheduled lesson is Saturday.  More later!


From Flying to Marching

The last two weeks have been dedicated to marching band camp.  Everyone has been working hard and I can’t wait to put our show on the field.  I’ll be back in the air next week at Murfreesboro Aviation to continue my lessons.

Tomorrow morning I plan to join FMA Ambassador Gary Piper at the EAA  Chapter 863 Saturday breakfast in Lebanon, TN.  I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!


Summer NAMM in Nashville

Last Thursday and Friday, I attended the Summer NAMM (National Assn. of Music Merchants) show in Nashville. While there, I met John Zapp and FMA Ambassador, Gary Piper.  Thank you both for showing me around and for allowing me to attend.

NAMM was awesome!  It felt like I was in the world’s largest music store.  I must have played 20 saxophones, tried out new reeds, and different mouthpieces.

As for flying, I have now logged 4.6 hours.  I’m learning more about aerodynamics, operational systems, and FAA regulations. Tomorrow we are supposed to work on stalls and slow flight.

John - Isaac - Gary at Summer NAMM 2017
                                            Summer NAMM 2017 with John – Isaac – Gary

Jazz Concert & More

Had a great time this week at the NJW Jazz Camp which concluded today with ensemble performances.  Our ensemble’s instructor was Roy Agee, a fantastic trombone player from Nashville who has toured with many greats, including Prince!

I was also excited to receive an email from Jay Mason an FMA member, fellow Bari player, and member of Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. He was in Prague when he reached out. I am a huge fan of the Phat Band.  If you have never heard them play, you should check them out. Very cool.

I started the Sporty’s online course this week and hope to start my lessons at Murfreesboro Aviation after the holiday.  I also start taking a summer college class at MTSU on July 10.

Happy 4th everybody!

Nashville Jazz Workshop & Help Needed

This week I switched gears from flying to playing. I’m playing bari sax at the NJW Jazz Camp at Vanderbilt Blair School of Music. We are learning about different jazz forms and chord structures and learning several new head charts, which we will perform Friday night. I also made contact with with Blake Tumbleson at Murfreesboro Aviation to thank him for their support of FMA and the generous donation of flight training time.  I plan to start next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

Also, Aaron, William, Courtney and I have decided to come up with a song we can all learn and record via YouTube and in person if we have a chance to meet in person one day.  We welcome any suggestions for violin or electric violin, clarinet, sax, and guitar or trumpet.