College decision

I hope to be back in the air soon at Murfreesboro Aviation and I’ll report on my progress, but in the meantime, I have other news.  I have been accepted to and will be attending the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2018!  I will be majoring in aerospace engineering.  I also plan to audition for the Pride of the Southland Marching Band next semester.

Busy Month

With the start of school, the ACT test, marching band, and college applications, I have been grounded.  However, I will be back in the air at Murfreesboro Aviation in a few days, after the weather clears.

On the college front, and as of last night, I have been accepted to all 3 of the engineering schools to which I have applied!

I’ll post again as soon as I’m back in the air.

Congratulations, William, for being the first one of us to solo!

A beautiful day to fly!

Yesterday, I was up again with my instructor Tanner Quigley with Murfreesboro Aviation.  After pre-flight and takeoff, we worked on different in-air maneuvers, including near landings and rapid pull-ups at Puckett Field, which is a glider field near my grandfather’s farm.  Here are photos of our takeoff from MBT.  I’m scheduled for another lesson on Monday.  Stay tuned.

I haven’t done so in a while, but I want to thank all of the FMASolo sponsors for creating this opportunity for me and the other scholarship recipients.  Sponsors like the FMA, Bose, Aviators HotLine, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, MyGoFlight, Gleim, Banjo Ben Clark, Trade-A-Plane,,, Murfreesboro Aviation, Quality Aviation Services, and AVSport of Lock Haven, have helped us pursue our goals of learning to fly!

Back in the Air, Back to School, and College Applications!

I was back in the air on Monday at Murfreesboro Aviation!  My instructor, Tanner Quigley, and I flew from MBT to SYI (Shelbyville), where I practiced touch & go’s.  It’s really cool to fly over all the places you drive on a daily basis.  I’ve learned a lot about driving in Murfreesboro just by flying over it and better understanding the layout of the city and the major landmarks. I also completed the IACRA registration so I can get my student pilot certificate.  I have another lesson today at 1:00 p.m. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am also back in school – 2 schools in fact!  On Friday, I started my Senior year of High School at Eagleville.  I’m taking 2 classes at EHS: choir and band.  The rest of my courses will be at Middle Tennessee State University where I am a dual enrollment college student.  At MTSU, I’m taking Calculus, English, and Intro to Aerospace.

It’s also time to apply to college!  I’ve been working on my applications and college essays. I’m looking at aerospace engineering programs at the University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, University of Alabama Huntsville, Georgia Tech, and University of Colorado Boulder.

With marching band, mid-state choir auditions, high school courses, colleges courses, ACT prep, flying lessons, and college applications, I have a very busy fall ahead!


Ground school today

Back at Murfreesboro Aviation today for ground school training with Tanner Quigley.  It was great to be back after a break for band camp and a summer class at MTSU.

Today, we covered weight and balance, center of gravity, different engine types, and engine components. I found the different fuel delivery systems very interesting.  My next scheduled lesson is Saturday.  More later!


From Flying to Marching

The last two weeks have been dedicated to marching band camp.  Everyone has been working hard and I can’t wait to put our show on the field.  I’ll be back in the air next week at Murfreesboro Aviation to continue my lessons.

Tomorrow morning I plan to join FMA Ambassador Gary Piper at the EAA  Chapter 863 Saturday breakfast in Lebanon, TN.  I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!


Summer NAMM in Nashville

Last Thursday and Friday, I attended the Summer NAMM (National Assn. of Music Merchants) show in Nashville. While there, I met John Zapp and FMA Ambassador, Gary Piper.  Thank you both for showing me around and for allowing me to attend.

NAMM was awesome!  It felt like I was in the world’s largest music store.  I must have played 20 saxophones, tried out new reeds, and different mouthpieces.

As for flying, I have now logged 4.6 hours.  I’m learning more about aerodynamics, operational systems, and FAA regulations. Tomorrow we are supposed to work on stalls and slow flight.

John - Isaac - Gary at Summer NAMM 2017
                                            Summer NAMM 2017 with John – Isaac – Gary