Aaron Smokovitz

Aaron Smokovitz     I was born and raised in Midland, Michigan, to a family with deep roots in both music and aviation. My Grandfather was a trumpet player (I play his trumpet for gigs now and then), and owned and piloted a Cessna 195, which is still in my Uncle’s hangar. My Uncle, a pilot as well, is now the chief mechanic of Delta airlines out of Detroit Metro, and still plays the flute, religiously playing with the EAA band at Oshkosh every year. My Dad kept the same roots, however leaned the other way. He is also a pilot, and was my band director up until last year, now retired. That is just my immediate family, the story is more or less the same for my cousins as well.

I am wrapping up my senior year at Bullock Creek High School, and plan on pursuing a career as a pilot. As of right now, I have a free year of community college, and have an almost absolute/decided plan on attending Oakland University with a music scholarship, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked hard and had fun with music my whole life, with a passion for aviation on the side. Now I look forward to becoming more involved in the aviation community, much like I have the music community. I am looking forward to the skies ahead and am excited to have people to share my experiences with!

Aaron has chosen Quality Aviation Services at the Jack Barstow Municipal Airport (KIKW) in Midland, Michigan. 

About Quality Aviation Services:

Quality Aviation Services, Inc. has been training pilots and providing aviation services since 2003.  However the aviation experience of our staff covers a combined total of more than 130 years.

JT Rairigh, our chief pilot and director, is a Single-engine and Multi-engine CFII, commercial helicopter pilot, A&P and IA (Aircraft Inspection Authorization).

Janine Rairigh, a pilot, and our scheduler and COO (Chief Office Officer) is ready to work out your flight schedule to meet your needs.

We believe flight instructors and flight schools must have a number of important qualities.  The most important of these is to CARE about the students.  Our flight school exists to help people become skillful pilots who will experience many years of safe and enjoyable flying.

If you think you might be interested in learning to fly, give us a call at 989-615-1103 to set up a Discovery Flight (an introductory, no-obligation flight lesson). 

2 thoughts on “Aaron Smokovitz”

  1. Thanks for the support Louise! I consider myself very blessed and am very proud to be part of my family! Your husband sounds truly crazy! Crazy enough to not only play the trumpet, but have no interest in aviation?!?! 😉

  2. Congrats Aaron! Looking forward to hearing updates on your progress, my husband is a trumpet player but has absolutely no interest in aviation, he leaves that all to me! Sounds like you have a solid background of support in both music & aviation, lucky you! Wishing you all the best.

    Louise Vickerman
    NW region ambassador

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