So Close!

I am so close to being ready to solo- I can feel it! However, the wind just won’t let up! In recent lessons, my instructor and I have fought strong winds on landings and cross-country flights. Landing with a cross wind has been a big struggle for me since I tend to overthink landings. Although, in my most recent lesson, the winds were very calm and I was able to make a few good landings by myself! Next lesson, my instructor an I will start working on stalls in take-off and in the pattern as well as soft field and short field landings.

Over the holidays, the Tullahoma band and I performed our annual Christmas concert, below there is a link to check it out! This semester, the band and I are very excitingly working to prepare for our upcoming performance on the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii. I hope everyone has a great New Year!

4 thoughts on “So Close!”

  1. Great to cheer on a fellow horn player and aviation enthusiast! Fly out to AZ and see us sometime @ ERAU-Prescott!

  2. The x-wind landings will get easier with practice. They terrified me at first too. It’s a good skill to master, because the wind is always blowing somewhere. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the good news of your upcoming solo flight.

  3. Great news! I’ve had more than a few crazy X-wind landings here in Utah & they are great for technique & concentration, now I find them challenging & fun instead of scary. Keep up the good work & look forward to hearing about your solo 🙂

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