MTSU Aviation Camp – Isaac Hill

I look forward to starting my flight training at Murfreesboro Aviation soon, but before I do, I am attending Aviation Camp at Middle Tennessee State University. Yesterday, was my first day and I met three marching band students from two high schools.  Today we will try out MTSU’s 360 degree air traffic control simulator and begin designing and building an airplane out of balsa wood. Tomorrow, we fly!  I will be sure to tell everyone about the FMA.

5 thoughts on “MTSU Aviation Camp – Isaac Hill”

  1. Hey Isaac! This is Blake Tumbleson, General Manager at Murfreesboro Aviation. I wanted to let you know that in addition to the hours awarded to you by the Flying Musicians Association, we’ve decided to donate 10 ADDITIONAL hours of flight time to you in our Cessna 152!

    Murfreesboro Aviation has taught hundreds of people to fly and safely navigate the skies! We can’t wait to teach YOU!


    1. Wow! That’s fantastic! Thank you so much, Murfreesboro Aviation. I will be calling ASAP to set up a time to get started. I can’t wait!

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