A few hours later

Hi All!

It has been a while since I last checked in with the blog, but I assure you I have been staying busy busy busy… I have a couple more hours logged, and am trying to cruise through ground school yet taking enough time to plug one ear so it doesn’t just flow out the other 😉 I believe I have made some good progress up in the air as well! Since I posted last, we have worked on fine tuning coordinated turns, steep turns, slow flight, side slips, landings, emergency procedures, etc. I’m working hard and trying to make the most and soak up everything I can every minute. I am feeling confident in my abilities as well, which I feel is very important, for pilots, and musicians! Don’t get me wrong, I am still staying humble! As goes for both hobbies, there is always room to grow, and although that is true, confidence in your abilities goes a long way.

**Sometimes you have to explain that to a musician, and sometimes you have to explain that to a pilot, but come on! The Flying Musicians Association?!?! Give me a break! Ya’ll got that covered 😉

Anywho, I am working hard, having a blast, and excited for the future ahead!  I’ll be posting soon hopefully!

Best wishes,


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