Getting closer to solo!

Yesterday was windy so my instructor, Tanner Quigley at Murfreesboro Aviation, explained the challenges associated with crosswinds on takeoffs and landings and calculating wind speeds to determine whether or not it is safe to fly. In the air, we performed 2 no-flap landings and slow flight to 9 kts.

I now have 9.3 hours in the C-152, and 12.3 total hours total when including DA40 time from MTSU’s aviation camp earlier this year. I will be ready to solo soon.

I’m scheduled for ground school on Friday and Monday, then will fly again on Thursday.  Tanner said next flight, we will work on instrument flying 🙂:

One thought on “Getting closer to solo!”

  1. Awesome progress you are making. I couldn’t be happier! I’ll bet others are on the edge of their seats. Thank you for reaching out to the local music directors to inform them of the FMA Solo program.

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